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Drake School News
Interviewing Drake School’s Teachers

For my final article, I had to interview the teachers of Drake Elementary School of 2015-16 school year. I asked the same first question for each teacher, and the rest were customer to the teacher’s way of teaching with three questions total.

Mrs. Lone (Grade ½ Teacher)

#1- Are you excited to receive new students next year?
“I am very excited; it was very nice to see the new kindergartens and grade one students.”
#2- Would you rather teach grade one or two students?
“I would choose to teach the grade two students.”
#3- What would you change about your classroom if you had the chance?
“I just want maybe a bigger space and more storage.”

Mrs. Huculak (Grade ¾ Teacher)

#1- Are you excited to get new students?
“Yes, I'm very excited.”
#2- If you had the choice which grade would like to teach?
“Any grade ranging from grade four to six.”
#3- Did you like this year’s changes?
“Yes, I liked them very much.”

Ms. Jaeb (Grade 5/6 Teacher)

#1- Are you excited to receive new students next year?
“I am very excited to start fresh and start new relationships.”
#2- What do changes do you have planned for next year?
“Many new E.L.A. ideas for the grade six curriculum.”
#3- What did you think of your students this year?
“I loved them, and I miss them so much. I loved their colourful personalities and how much they like to talk.”

Mr. Willems (Grade 7/8 Teacher)

#1- Are you excited to get new students next school year?
“Yes, definitely excited.”
#2- Did you enjoy your class of students?
“They were a very good class, indeed.”
#3- Will you change anything about your class?
“Nothing much to change, just decorations.”

Mrs. Appel (Grade 5/6/7/8 Science Teacher)

#1- How was your first year in Drake School?
“It was awesome! Better than I had expected.”
#2- Would you consider teaching anything else other than science?
“I think maybe I’d like to teach P.A.A.”
#3- Do you have any big plans for next year?
“I would like school clothing with a bulldog, and reading improvement. I would like to see the buddy bench be successful.”

I would like to thank all the teachers in Drake that made this year possible, and I want the teachers and staff know that we appreciate the hard work you go through each day. Thank you for all of your lessons and for showing us that there is no limit in life. Nothing is possible without our teachers! Thank you, once again.

By: Francine Bebita
Questions by: Francine Bebita, Hayley Toman, Kristie Pedersen, Jayden Morningstar and Kayla Toman