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Wynyard Elementary School News
June is the last month of the school year, and it’s full of lots of awesome events to report on.   On June 6th, all of our students gathered in the gym to watch the band students from WES, WCHS as well as Foam Lake and Ituna perform at the band recruitment concert.  It is a chance for students to see and hear what band is all about.  The concert was followed up with a hot dog lunch provided by the band parents, where grade 4’s can interact with the band students.  On June 14th, the Grade 4 Class had a chance to try out some of the band instruments to see if they would like to join band in Grade 5.  They had lots of fun trying them out.   
On June 7th, the Grade 3 students attended the Shrine Circus in Melville and stopped for a swim at the Gallagher Center wave pool in Yorkton.  On June 8th, the Safety Patrollers gathered at the swimming pool for a Pool Party, and then went to the school for ice cream treats.  Thank you to all the teachers who helped with that event!  

On June 15th, the ECO kids held an ice cream sale fundraiser at the school, $3 got you a tasty ice cream cone.  

On June 17th, was the day that the students of our school look forward to all year long.  The Annual Track and Field/ Play Day!  We start the day with a parade around the town of Wynyard.  In the parade, the students split into their houses Pacers, T-Birds, Firebirds, and Mustangs.  Everyone wears their team colours and shouts their cheers.  It is an exciting event, and many gather on the streets to watch and cheer us on.  Once back at school, the kindergarten and Grade 1 students join together for a super fun Play Day.  They play games, relays, crafts, and even bubbles and sidewalk chalk all morning, and then enjoy a hot dog lunch.  After lunch they all go to the pool for a swim.  

Meanwhile the grades 2 -6 students are split into groups to compete in numerous events and races like; high jump, long jump, long and short races, accuracy throw, distance throw, and many more.  Our afternoon consists of fun relays like, bucket relay, sack race, three legged race, the rubber boot relay and the much anticipated tug of war!  These are a great way to earn last minute points for your house!  Afterwards we enjoy a delicious popsicle as points are counted.  

The houses gather on the tarmac in suspense waiting for the announcement of the winners!  This year the Firebirds took 4th place followed by the Mustangs in 3rd.  The T-Birds came in second and….wait for it….the Awesome Pacers came in first!! I am proud to say that I was the captain of the Pacers and am happy to leave the school with a bang!  All of the teams did extremely well, and should be proud of their accomplishments. (Especially the Pacers ;)

The four houses were established in the 1975-76 school year, when the team captains at the time chose the names based on types of cars.  To this day we use the same names and former WES students still remain loyal and cheer on their old teams.  

On June 22nd, Grade 2C, 3K, and 4T all got a super fun trip to Stoney Lake Bible Camp where they participated in fun activities, like boating, rock climbing and human Foose Ball.  The 2C and 3K, classes came home after a fun-filled day, but the 4T class got to sleepover in the cabins at the camp.  The trip was a reward for their leadership skills.  They had a great day “sharpening the saw” and “synergizing” as they learned new skills.  

On June 24th, family and special guests joined us in the gym for a sentimental farewell to the Grade 6 class who will be leaving WES to go to Wynyard Composite High School in the fall.  The students were paired up to give speeches about their friends, telling the crowd about their interests, goals and memories of their time at WES.  The citizenship award was presented to Olivia Stephaniuk.  This award is presented to a student who exhibits a helpful and positive attitude, shows leadership, kindness, encouragement to others, and who strives for personal achievement and excellence.  Olivia is very deserving of this honour.  The SCC also presented the Grade 6 students with WCHS t-shirts!  What a great gift!  Thank you SCC!

Some of things that our class will miss about WES were biking to the regional Park in Mrs. G’s class, the trips to the Circus, and Stoney Lake, and Skiing.  And theme days like Pirate day, Pioneer day, and Space day.

On June 27th, the Grade 6 students had an opportunity to tour the high school.   We were shown around the school, learned how to use our lockers and played a fun trivia game.  

I am both sad and happy to say that June 28th is our last day of classes.  Unfortunately, our Amazing Grade 3 teacher, Ms. Ramler is retiring, and will not be returning next fall.  Ms. Ramler has been the teacher in charge of the Safety Patrol program at our school, and has been the acting Tech Teacher at our school for the past few years.  She has been an important part of Team aWESome, we will all miss her smiles and encouragement very much, but we wish her the best in her retirement.  

On June 30th we will come back to receive our report cards, and say good bye to Teachers and Classmates for the summer.  

As I close my last report for Wynyard Elementary School, I would like to thank Mr. Fisher for choosing me to write these reports every month.  It was an honour and a learning experience.  I will miss all of great staff and students at WES, and I will always cherish the memories of my time here.

Have a great summer!

Raea Lamont
School Reporter
Wynyard Elementary School